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OWS Media

Pan America Environmental Flopak, HDQ and Retpak Series oil water separator coalescing medias provide a high performance coalescing oil filtering capability to existing and new installations for removal of free and finely dispersed oil droplets from oily wastestreams. The Flopak and HDQ media performance are based on the American Petroleum Institute’s API 421 Design & Operation of Oil/Water Separators Manual, February 1990.

Flopak & HDQ performance: <10mg/L, 30-micron free, dispersed and non-emulsified oil droplets.

The Flopak coalescing oil separation media systems are designed to remove non-emulsified, free & dispersed oils and fuels from water.

Flopak, HDQ and Retpak are a standard feature of our high performance oil water separators and are also offered for replacement or retrofitting of existing tanks to improve performance and increase flow rates.

Removal efficiencies experienced have been as low as <1 mg/L down to non-detect.

Typical, regular performance is in the 3-10 mg/L range depending on wastestream characteristics.

Pan America Environmental can provide review of your existing tank to replace existing media or engineer the fitting of Flopak into a tank for the first time via modifications to optimize tank design for the best oil separation environment.

Retpak Media

Our Retpak secondary coalescing media can be provided for stand alone use in low or no solids applications or can add high-density surface area in a small cubic area to your existing media or in conjunction with Flopak or HDQ pak to increase small droplet capture.

Our media can be used prior to downstream treatment processes such as RO membranes, ZeoMaxx Filtration, inclined plate clarifiers, DAF and other treatment or industrial processes.

We Ship Worldwide

Pan America regularly ships to many parts of the world:

  • Europe
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  • North America
  • Russia/Eastern European Region